Monday, March 27, 2006

Nogg-aholic the Movie shown at Inferno Online

It's with great pleasure I must say that Nogg-aholic the Movie just keeps on getting more and more spread, with over 55 000 downloads from Warcraftmovies. The latest I've heard was from a friend in class, who were at Inferno Online (one of the biggest IT-café in Scandinavia) a day ago, where they showed the full 45 minutes and 45 of it for everyone there.

I forgot to ask if it was in Stockholm or Norrköping, but I'm still really happy to hear that people appreciate it and care enough to show it at such a big organization as Inferno Online. The peak would be if they decided to show it at Dreamhack (with 5000-6000 people), but that's very unlikely, mostly because their big screen is booked up for competitions and sponsor.

Also worth mentioning is that the forum users for the Nogg-aholic forum ( is close to a thousand now. That's really impressive for a self-driven community that got created from a fan-made movie.

Inferno Online
Nogg-aholic the Movie

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