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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FRA surveillance law passed (swedish)

"Lagen träder i kraft 1 januari 2009."
Ett stort steg framåt
Förstår de vad de håller på med?
Voteringen är över. FRA-lagen har gått igenom.


David Östman said...

Det är helt ofattbart. Det här är början på något helt fel.

Jcelios said...

As a Canadian who doesn't speak Swedish I'm interested but clueless.

Tymlis said...

What is this law about ?

I guess it's something along the lines of : "We are removing individual liberties to help prevent terrorism. Don't worry, you'll be listened, watched, filmed wherever you'll go, but it is for the greater good.
Oh, and don't you dare oppose it, it's suspicious, you surely have something to hide, don't you ?"

The exact same thing occured in France and all over Europe those past few years...

It just makes me sick...

Dopefish said...

Basicly it means that they'll monitor and save all radio signals, phone calls and internet traffic, and using search word for finding people that could be potential terrorists, "to protect sweden from unknown threats".

No suspicion of crime is needed, and the only vague limit they have is that the communication is supposed to have crossed the swedish border. And everyone who knows how internet works, will also know that even communication between different swedes on internet most often crosses the swedish border.

The worrying thing is that even though demostrants, petitions and general polls shows that 90% of the people wouldn't want the law to pass, they still went through with it. They couldn't even delay it some more to research it more propertly to get a clue what it actually means.

By saving all internet communication, you'll save entire peoples lives, since most things are handled through internet these days.

There's a likelyhood that people will start self-censuring themself since they being completly monitored. And the people have lost alot of faith in its own government.

Seems mostly like the only reason for passing the law is so that Uncle Sam can't claim that we're a terrorist haven. Terrorists have never been an actual threat to Sweden itself, so it's mostly about wagging the tail for the US.

It's all about sacrificing personal integrity for potential security. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

Anonymous said...


Jcelios said...

Increased capacity for communication comes with an increase in ability to monitor... it goes without saying.
ISPs in North America (US and Canada) have been doing this since the very beginning.
Take what you will from conspiracy theories but the world of intelligence gathering walks the line of fascinating and horrifying everyday.

In fact did you know that>>>>>>&34 %76 ^33333
This Account has been locked by order of UNATCO.

Jcelios said...

Thanks for your explanations by the way.