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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

"CD Projekt RED would like to announce that the release date of The Witcher Enhanced Edition has been finally set. Consequently, the vastly improved edition of the acclaimed CD Projekt RED’s magnum opus has been set for the first half of September 2008."

The Witcher Enhanced Edition release date

"Small tweaks like shortening load times and increasing combat accuracy are just the beginning. The English language version of the game has been completely reworked to include text left out of the initial release, while the German version is getting redone voice overs.

CD Projekt is adding over 50 new supporting character models to further immersion, with 100 new animated gestures added to make conversation flow more naturally.

They've even redone the lip-sync system to make conversing more animated and lifelike. Along with all of the changes, the enhanced version will ship complete with the D'jinni mod editor, allowing you to create and share your own modules in the game, as well as two all new adventures from the dev team."

The Witcher Gets Enhanced


Steely Banana said...

So what exactly do you do as a "Quality Assurance" person at Starbreeze? Do you think you could do some kind of blog post about what you do? I'd be really interested to read a kind of "day in the life of" post.

Dopefish said...

I'm not able to say too much about my work due to non-disclosure agreements and such, but I might look into doing a post about that if people are actually interested :)

Steely Banana said...

I'd really like to read about it - are these non-disclosure agreements keeping your mouth shut about a lot of things, or maybe would you be able to talk about the nature of your job and not necessarily more sensitive things like pay or working conditions?

Dopefish said...

Yeah, but it's all fair, and it's like that for anyone working in the game industry, and probably in alot of other industries aswell.

I'll be a bit busy this month, but I'll try to check with our boss what I might or might not tell people, since I could eventually end up doing a talk for my old school about my job aswell :)