Friday, June 13, 2008

Limbo of the Lost for the Amiga screenshots

Could somebody help me find the newly release of this game at a retailer that ships to Europe/Sweden? :)

Limbo of the Lost - Amiga screenshots
Limbo of the Lost "borrows" from other games


Bullshitmaster said...

oooh these screenshots make me wanna play "amberstar" again *searches the old atari*

Tymlis said...


But I doubt you'll ever be able to buy this game, it surely is allready out of circulation.

Anyway, I'll find a way to play that, it definitly is collector.

Dopefish said...

Unfortunatly, that's download only, and I've already downloaded a torrent of it. I would just like to have the retail package of it as a collectible ;)

LittleRunaway said...

hey I was just browsing around and your blog caught my eye. I think it's great that you're going into the gaming industry. And that you're a girl gamer at all. There aren't enough of us out there. Good luck in the field :)