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Thursday, June 12, 2008

GameTap to offer Fallout for download

After last month's announcement of Interplay catalog titles coming to GameTap, we surely weren't alone in wondering where the Fallout games were. Sure, MDK and Earthworm Jim are great additions but, with Fallout 3 coming out later this year, the absence was enough to make us reach for the bottle.

Now, just a few weeks later, the 'Tap has announced that those previously announced Interplay titles – as well as the "widely successful Fallout titles" – will be available not only through the subscription service but also for free play on the ad-supported website.
List of other great games that's free for download at GameTap:
Deus Ex
Second Sight
Thief: Deadly Shadows
Hitman: Codename 47
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Daikatana (not great, but might be worth trying)

GameTap to add Fallout titles to its Interplay library

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