Sunday, June 15, 2008

PLAY! a Video Game Symphony 2007

Hey, better late than never, right? Once upon a time I started making an old blog post about this event that I never finished. But this was what I wrote in it before it got lost in the archives:
'Play! A video game symphony' was an awsome experience, although the seats were really tight and since I've strained my knee a while ago, I really started to suffer towards the end due to this lack of leg space.

The highlights were definitely the C64 medley and the Amiga medley, with music from games such as International Karate, Giana Sisters, The Last Ninja, Turrican 2, James Pond 2 (which I liked the most) and Lemmings (which I also liked the most... I liked the two of them the most)!

Seeing short clips of the games from ones youth, and hearing the music live from an entire symphony is quite the experience, even though nostalgia is surely a contributor to the euphoria of it all.

I were quite suprised to see Machine Supremacy make an appearance aswell. They played a 'metal'-part for the song Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI. I don't think it usually got electric guitars in it, and I've never really been a fan of the Final Fantasy music anyway.
I met up with some old mates from my university that were there to see the event aswell, and I kept my luggage in one of their deposit storages.

After the event they decided to line up to take autographs from the conductor, two of my co-workers (who were there since they orchestered a medley from The Darkness), Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill composer) and Machinae Supremacy.

I wasn't especially interested in the autographs, but since my friends had my luggage I had to stick with them while waiting in the line. It took probably around 30 minutes, so when we arrived I felt I couldn't just walk out of there without anything.

Since I didn't have any paper I decided to throw up my right arm for Akira Yamaoka to sign, which at the sight, Machinae Supremacy started shouting "FLESH! FLESH! FLESH!".

Afterwards I offered Yamaoka-san a plastic sword I recieved earlier that day from the Swedish Game Awards, with a free download for the independent developed game Dawnspire. He exclaimed "Sugoi!" and seemed very pleased. I don't know if he ever decided to try it out.

Well, even though we were quite delayed at the end, I managed to grab my luggage and run to the train. At the train station the train conductor was blowing his whistle for me to hurry up even though I was still running, and I barely made it in time before the doors closed shut behind me. All in all, it was great fun :)

PLAY! a Video Game Symphony

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