Thursday, February 21, 2008

Allegorithmic Unveils Substance @ GDC'08

Substance is Allegorithmic's new generation of middleware for authoring and generating textures that feature unprecedented visual quality and graphical detail. Some of Substance's key features include:

Continuous texture streaming allows delivery of 2-4 times more detailed texture data and real-time integration of weather dependant effects, visual post processes, on-the-fly decal generation and breakable environments.

Fast and multi-threaded texture generation (higher than 4MB/s per core or per SPU) makes it ideal for racing games, flight simulations and other games featuring large environments and/or open worlds.

90% linearity in the number of cores means Substance doesn't impact the GPU and the frame rate of the game.

Significantly minimizes texture memory allocation needs.
GDC 2008: Allegorithmic Unveils Substance
Substance: Redefining the Nature of Texturing Sponsored by Allegorithmic

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