Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dwarf Fortress Release:

I had a swordsman sent to assassinate the high priest at the goblin fortress Skullsprofane, so I traveled over there and killed about 30 goblins, including the high priest Stozu Wickedvoice where he was sleeping in the Chapel of Ghosts. There were hardly any goblins left alive when I was done.

I went back to the human warlord, and he told me to return to Skullsprofane and kill Kutsmob Powermonstrous the goblin hammerlord. I didn’t give myself much of a chance, but I managed to break his hip… before he shattered my knee and took me apart. It was close. He and his shield were just too powerful though—it was an iron masterpiece with a leopard bone image of himself ascending to the leadership of Skullsprofane more than 1000 years before.

So I did what I usually do – start up another adventurer to try to finish the job! I tried a swordswoman and was blown apart against a wall. Then I tried a sneaky crossbowman but Kutsmob blocked most of my shots with his shield – the one that hit him in the wrist he simply pulled out and dropped as he continued to scan the area. Eventually Kutsmob lured me into the tower, after which he jumped out and hit me five times and crushed my chest in.

Then I tried an accomplished pikeman with no armor and no other skills to go for a quick killing blow, but still no luck. He was there by himself now, just waiting for more adventurers in a fortress filled with blood, rotting body parts and scattered clothing.

I figured, okay, I’ll give it one more shot, since his fifth kill will give him a name, which I’d then share with you in this story. I started up a halberdier with balanced skills, more or less like my first two adventurers. I took the task from the human warlord and set out for Skullsprofane. As I was walking toward his stronghold, the Doomed Tower of Dread, an iron bolt flew passed me. A guard! I had missed one. And there was Kutsmob, standing on top of the tower, hollering various insults about those that had come before me.

There was an opening in the fortifications through which I could rush to meet him. And I did – but when I was just a few steps away I was shot in the back. I pressed on, taking a swing, and Kutsmob leapt backward. I ran at him and another bolt shot by. I charged, slashing down… and split Kutsmob’s chest open!

All of the major organs were pierced, and he fell over wheezing. I hacked down again and again as two more bolts stuck into my body. Just as he breathed his last, I was shot in the leg and fell over. Crawling now, I made my way over to the body of Kutsmob and picked up the iron shield.

Then everything went black…
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