Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knights of the Old Republic sequel in the works

Wondering what that BioWare/Lucasarts project was going to be? Oh, come on. Like you couldn't guess. During EA's analyst report earlier today, it was revealed that in addition to working on more Mass Effect, Dragon Age and a "New MMO", BioWare are also handling a new Knights of the Old Republic title. Which means it's not their upcoming MMO. So, a new, straight-up RPG, then? Probably. Your excitement glands can't repel joy of this magnitude.
BioWare At Work On A New KOTOR
Lucasarts and Bioware to work together again


Norswap said...

Surfer Girl confirmed that the Lucas Arts MMO won't be KotOR based.

Not so bad news, seeing quality of most MMOs, I was a bit scary to what would happen to my favourite rpg.

Bullshitmaster said...

ouh yeah a new offline kotor! =)