Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daikatana co-op playthrough with commentary


Episode 1: Japan 2455 AD
Marsh Intro/Marsh (also linked in the next post)
Sewers Intro/Sewers/Sewers Outro
Solitary Intro/Solitary/Solitary Outro
Crematorium Intro/Crematorium
Processing/Processing Outro
Icelab Intro/Icelab/Icelab Outro
Vault Intro/Vault/Vault Outro
Suspicious' single-player runthrough of The Vault (Watch this and KNOW pain)

Episode 2: Greece 1200 BC:
Lemnos Isle Intro/Lemnos Isle/Lemnos Isle Outro (Superfly = Frankomatic)
Catacombs Intro/Catacombs/Catacombs Outro (Superfly = Frankomatic)
Athens Intro/Athens/Athens Outro (Superfly = Frankomatic)
Acropolis: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Outro (Superfly = Wutasumi)
Lair of Medusa Intro/Lair of Medusa/Lair of Medusa Outro (Superfly = moeljbcp)
Suspicious' single-player runthrough of Lair of Medusa


Episode 3: Norway 560 AD
Plague Village Intro/Plague Village/Plague Village Outro (Superfly = Wugga)
Passage/Passage Outro (Superfly = Wugga)
Dungeon Intro/Dungeon
Wyndrax's Tower Intro/Wyndrax's Tower
Crypt of Nharre Intro/Crypt of Nharre/Crypt of Nharre Outro
Gharroth's Throne Intro/Gharroth's Throne/Gharroth's Throne Outro
Suspicious' single-player runthrough of Gharroth's Throne

Intermission 2

Episode 4: San Francisco 2030 AD
Alcatraz Intro/Alcatraz (Superfly = Veotax)
Beneath The Rock/Beneath The Rock Outro (Superfly = Friendly Factory)
Tower of Crime Intro/Tower of Crime (Superfly = OatmealRaisin)
Mishima Labs/Mishima Labs Outro (Superfly = Captain Novolin)
Mishima's Hideout/Mishima's Hideout Outro (Superfly = Mister Different)
S.E.A.L. Training Center Intro/S.E.A.L. Training Center (Vimeo) (Superfly = Frankomatic)
Suspicious' single-player runthrough of the S.E.A.L. Training Center


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Anonymous said...

dudes, this looks awesome, i wish i can find 3 other people to play daikatana coop with but of course this is a hard task due to the negative rap the game gets for the beginning Marsh area which people still remember today! dammit! :/

You were all very lucky to be able to coop this game in 4 players!