Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some random mobilephone pictures

I'm back home from Xmas and New Year!
I made a panorama with my mobilephone :)
My new mobilephone 3
Sunset boulevard
Crimson Skies
Rainbows! :)
A Little Winter


Norswap said...

Ah snow !
/me want to live in Sweden.
Weather suck so much in Belgium...

Dopefish said...

Haha, don't envy. We almost had no snow this winter, and when it came it was gone the next day. The time lapse pictures of the snow was taken just last week.

Hope it won't fuel the rumor about Sweden having snow year around, with polar bears roaming the streets :)

Snobaste said...

Looks nice :D Your office (I think it is :P) looks pretty damn cool man.

Dopefish said...

Hadn't put up any posters yet, and I was forced to sacrifice the sofa :'(