Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's tough, studying game development, part 6

This is the eye-tracking equipment we will be using next monday between 15:00-21:00. The 4 small white/blue lights above can't be precieved by the human eye, but it's the actual infrared sensors that registers your pupils movements. The laptop will be running the game and output the screen to the eye-tracker and the other computer will be handeling the recording.

If we get the heart rate monitoring equipment before the testing starts, we will have another laptop there that will be recording the players pulse. I think I'll be bringing headphones and a more comfortable chair for the player so he can feel more immersed during the test.

Also, I checked the timing for Game Developers Conferance at KTH, and it seems like the boat home will be going at 21:05 (Nynäshamn) and the conferance commences at 17:00, so we wouldn't have enough time to spend there.

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