Friday, February 03, 2006

Why WoW is a bad game, reason #5

Static world environment

The first thing you'll notice in WoW is that you can't interact with your environment. The only interaction in the game is open/loot object or use this attack on that enemy/object. You can't move any object in the game, not even chairs. This means if you visited a area in the game one year ago and then came back for the first time today, that very same area will still be completly untouched and look exactly the same as it did back then.

If you gather enough players and raid a city and kill their chieftain, there will still be no effect to that town. Guards will spawn over and over again until you get tired to kill them and leave the area, and eventually the chieftain will respawn, like nothing ever happened. You can't take control of that town and claim it as your own faction.

This gives the game a very static gameplay, and it doesn't matter if you're playing on server A or server B, the areas of both servers will be identical.

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