Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stefan Eriksson crashes his $1m Ferrari

The former Gizmondo executive, Stefan Eriksson, crashed his $1m worth 2003 Ferrari Enzo, which of 399 were ever made. They were here last year (not Stefan but Christoffer Nilsson and another guy) to demonstrate the Gizmondo before its release, and before the presentation they said "At the end of this, you'll be standing up and cheering!"... the funny thing is that no one did.

One year later, a baknrupt company, former executives with relations to the Swedish Uppsala Mafia organization, and a failed product. Between January and September last year, Tiger Telematics lost around $244 million because of Gizmondo.

Stefan Eriksson, a man in his fourties, has been sentanced to five years and six months prison time in Sweden 1993, for illegal threats and for serious spreading of false money. 1994, he was sentanced for 5 years more, because of fraud against swedish Bankgirocentralen, which is handeling money transactions. He moved from Sweden sometime in 2002, started living in London, and started working for Gizmondo. 2004, he took out a salary and a bonus of totally 24m SEK (roughly 3m USD), and he also took out 800 000 SEK (roughly 100,000 USD) to buy himself a car... a car that's now split in half... ohh, the sweet irony of it all.

"In March 2005, Ferrari announced that it would build one additional Enzo, bringing the total to 400. The car was ceremonially presented to Pope John Paul II on January 17, 2005, with the Pope then requesting that the car be auctioned off to benefit the Caritas charity. This car was auctioned by Sotheby's on June 28, 2005 to benefit survivors of the 2004 Tsunami. The car, chassis number 141920, sold for 1,055,000 euros (1,275,000 US dollars)."

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Anonymous said...

Check out the home of Stefan Eriksson! It's at 2323 Worthing Lane, Los Angeles in the gated Bel Air Crest community.

Here's a link for the google satellite photo:,+Los+Angeles,+CA&ll=34.112926,-118.47428&spn=0.000633,0.002081&t=k