Friday, February 03, 2006

Why WoW is a bad game, reason #3

Skilling up

Lockpicking always got a percentage chance of skilling up, so you'll be clicking the chest 20x times to gain one skill up. This is just boring and time consuming, I don't find it fun to repeatingly right click on a chest until I maxed out my lockpicking skill. The same goes for when you actually apply lockpicking on doors (if you'll ever do that), if you'll eventually open the door by lockpicking it, why do you have to do it 20x times before succeding?

The same goes for fishing, altough it's a little bit better because you have to keep watch on your bait and wait until it moves before right clicking on it, giving a false sense of interaction. This is how you'll skill up on everything in WoW, by repeating the same things over and over again...

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