Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why WoW is a bad game, reason #2

Quest design

Basicly, you'll be doing the same thing as a level 60 as when you first started the game as level 1. Almost all quests require you to kill something X numbers of time, and some of them requires you to gather things like 20 bear tooths that got a mere 10% drop rate. You'll be finding yourself killing the same enemies over, and over. Quests doesn't get better if it says "I baked a pie today! Go and kill me 20 bears" than if it would say "Kill 20 bears", the problem is that the quests are repetitive.

Iverron's Antidote

We may be able to help Iverron, as I know of an antidote that should help with the poison. It requires some ingredients, though, before I can make it.

I'll need Hyacinth mushrooms. You can find these growing under trees, or you may collect them from the grell south of here; they seem to have taken a liking to them. I'll also need Moonpetal lilies, which only grow around watery pools.

The last ingredient may prove the most difficult. From the very spiders that poisoned Iverron, collect Webwood ichor.

Westfall Stew

Help me make some Westfall Stew! Come back with the following ingredients:

3 Stringy Vulture Meat
3 Goretusk Snouts
3 Murloc Eyes
3 Okra

Farren's Proof

Would you believe it? Redpath wasn't satisfied with all the murlocs we killed--oh now, don't be modest, you had some hand in it. Now he wants me to bring proof of the dead, hacking off cold, slimy murloc heads to submit for his approval.

Supply and Demand

"The finest leathercrafter of the South Seas and the worlds old and new." That's what they call me. Me! Drizzlik! The finest lea... Ahem. Well.

My leather goods are known far and wide as the most exquisite, a connoisseur's choice!

I've just received an order from Director Riddlevox of the Tinkers' Union for a dozen of his favorite Excelsior-line boots. Our best sellers, actually.

To start on the basic shape, I'll need crocolisk skins from the crocs along the river in northern Stranglethorn.

Dragonkin Menace

Life in the Burning Steppes is rife with conflict.

Just look at this place! We know very little of what happened to these buildings, but we do know that at one time, before the great explosion, this was all part of the Redridge mountain range.

Enough lamenting! We have a problem. You may have noticed the dragonkin below this ridge. We need assistance in pushing them back. Kill as many as you can and return to me. Succeed and perhaps we can talk of other things.

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