Thursday, February 09, 2006

Game Violence in Swedish TV, Follow Up

It seems that it wasn't only I who became upset over how the swedish television channel TV4 broadcasted a biased perspective on game violence. The short clip from "nyhetsmorgon" got over 7500 responses from people who were upset about how the show expressed itself. That can be compared to the amount of responses from the most viewed series on TV4 like Paradise Hotel, and that's only from one single short morning show.

Due to the popularity of the clip they published a followup, which were somewhat better but still heavily biased. They also forgot to mention the errornous mentioning of Battlefield 2 which got connected with scenes from both F.E.A.R. and Grand Theft Auto in the last show.

In the follow up, they mostly depictured game violence with Postal 2, a crap game with excessivly more amount of violence than the average game, a game which is already considered somewhat illegal to distribute in swedish stores. Just two weeks ago, a man was taken to court for selling the game in a swedish Leksam store.

I still don't get how a person who've never played a game can say;
"After a party, some high school kids vandalized 'folkets park' for 1 million SEK [130,000 $]. We searched about this on the internet and found out about the Columbine massacre. We saw that it had connections between games and violence, and that's the reason why we connect the vandalizing with games. There's reports about this. Recently a man stabbed a woman with a knife, and it is this we want to prevent."
and be taken seriously, not just by the media, but by anyone at all. It's totally absurd how people like him constantly gets attention for such biased opinions without any own research at all to base them on. Just the fact to make comparision with the US, a country where it's just not legal to own weapons without a license, it's considered a birthright.

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Game Violence in Swedish TV
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