Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm O.K.

Last year, Jack Thompson made a modest video game proposal where he asked people to make a game out of his ideas and he would donate $10,000 to the to the favorite charity of Paul Eibeler (the Chairman of Take-Two Interactive). Lots of games were made but Jack didn't keep his word.

Now several months later, a indie-developer calling themself Thompsonsoft has made a retro inspired game of the modest video game proposal, called I'm O.K. Here's Thompsons own words about his thougths on the game.
Fascinating, in a number of regards:

1. The creation of this "game" does not meet the terms and conditions of the Modest Proposal. Not even close; thus, no cigar.

2. Still waiting to hear from Paul Eibeler as to HIS favorite charity for the donation. Penny Arcade's nit wits can't read, obviously.

3. Fascinating, further, that Dennis McCauley, who is the freelance "columnist" who runs this site can't use his phone to call me at 305-666-4366 to interview me about my take on this. Any real journalist, despite his animus, would have done just that. So much for Mr. McCauley's "journalistic ethics," which is, of course, an oxymoron in the video game enthusiast press, such as this site.

4. Finally, the attorneys for these idiots will be contacted.

More importantly, if Dennis McCauley were really a news person, he would report the murderous rampage by Jacob Robida that stretched from New Bedford, Mass., to Arkansas over the last three days. Cop-killing games have been identified by the Mayor of New Bedford.

Now, kiddies, brace yourselves for this one. Jack Thompson
-Jack Thompson, gamepolitics, 2006-02-05

Full Game v1.1: Download (12.8 Mb)
I'm O.K. temporary website
Jack Thompsons own comment
A modest video game proposal

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