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Friday, February 03, 2006

Why WoW is a bad game, reason #4

Linear gameplay

Rogue level 1-60

There's no real choices in WoW, everything is predefined. You'll be going from point A (starting zone) in the game to point B (level 60 grand marshal). The gameplay is designed for players to stay at one place and grind until you gain enough experience and proceed to the next place and repeat the procedure. You'll be doing instances in a specific order or they'll be either too high level or too low level for you to be in. From Deadmines to Ahn'Quiraj, from point A to point B.

Whenever you gain a level, your stats is automaticly adjusted. You don't get a choice to put +3 on agility and keep strength and stamina neutral. This will make all players of the same level to have the same base stats, and is one of the reasons that players can't be unique. After level 9 you'll start to get 'talent points', or rather one point at the time, which let you spend them in specific talent trees. Most often, in the end it will still only be like two choices for each class on how to spend their talent points.

The game allows you to grind mobs solo to gain experience, but that is both repetitive and boring. To be able to get hold of the high end content of the game, you must join a guild. There's no real choice here, because if you don't join a guild you have to get real lucky and hope for some guild to let you join them temporarily when they set out to clear a dungeon.

Professions isn't a real choice either, because they are often class based. If you're a hunter or a rogue, there's a 90% chance that you'll choose skinning and leatherworking as your first professions. If you're a plate wearing class it's most likely for you to choose mining and blacksmithing. Cloth wearers have herbalism and alchemy or tailoring and enchanting as their prefeered professions. After you've gained level 60 and relized that everyone else have the same professions as you, and knows the same recipes (if not even better ones), you'll most likely change your professions to mining and engineering.

The quest you recieves are always one option wise, and don't leave you any decision making to exploit your cunningness. It's always kill the specified mob X number of times, and you don't get a choice to either do so or not complete the quest. You'll never be a evil or a good character, because you'll never get to make the choice of your actions. Because of this, players will become distant from their own avatars, and they won't actually be roleplaying, they will only be controlling the game character.

There's no real choices in the game, and you'll be going from point A to point B, no matter how hard you try to stand out or be unique among thousands of others, just like you.

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