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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dreams, Rainbows and Happiness

Following shortly after, Sony shocked me and it seems like they actually did something good. Playstation Home? Bring it! Also, from the creators of Rag Doll Kung Fu comes Little Big Planet which immediately became my most anticipated game. All my cynicism suddenly disappeared, and I felt like a child again, thinking the game industry is all about rainbows and gameplay. I actually became tearful of joy from watching those videos... it was THAT good!

Then I went for a toilet pause and managed to score a Brain Age of 23 years old (only 2 years off this time, hell yeah!). After that I read some about the amazing new feature of Fable 2... a dog! I think animals as player companions in games do really well.

What was left was the rest of the "ordinary" news I thought was worth mentioning, and now I've taken a look at the clock and realized I will probably only get 5 hours of sleep tonight. Worked for 10 hours today, and I don't expect to work any less tomorrow either. Yay, crunch! Yay, I got a real authentic job in the game industry! :)

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