Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fully interactive, persistent and dynamic world

"They’ve managed to create a level of immersion unparalleled in gaming; an almost complete, dynamic world; and created an emotional connection with its characters with absolutely no graphics at all."
"Before playing your first game, you have to create the world. Most randomly generated worlds in current games run a quick process and usually within thirty seconds or so one is up and running.

Not so with Dwarf Fortress. Creating an initial world can take up to fifteen minutes or more. Remember, this is a game that uses ASCII graphics…and it can take up to fifteen minutes…on current-day processors. This world is huge.

Whenever was there a game that named close to every landmark above ground and below, populated it with thousands of creatures that each lived persistent lives, created a multi-civilized world history complete with back story, had dynamic weather with fronts and humidity, used a multi-currency economic system, and presented a rich ecosystem of seasons and wildlife?"
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