Thursday, March 08, 2007

Evolution of the RPG

Molyneux: Has been thinking about this an awful lot, to the surprise of nobody in the room. It's "customization and evolution." Peter's asking us questions about RPG development, which seems a bit backwards. Wants to build character customization into the game, as opposed to "same old" setup screens that change color of eyes and morphs the face. (In opposition to the BioWare method?) It's all about engagement and evolution.

Dr. Ray: Agrees with Peter. Evolution is important, and it comes down to in-game choices that empower the character and make them believe they're making meaningful choices that impact the game's unfolding. BioWare's blessed with great writers that can do non-linear narrative. You have to have all the options that a player can choose, and then have all the possible consequences...all of which is being built into Mass Effect.

Molyneux: There's going to be branching in Fable 2. But you have to be careful not to let people think that they went the "wrong choice." Incredibly important that two different players who take different paths can still talk about the same part of the game...

Dr. Ray: NERD FIGHT. Think it's exciting if no two players have exactly the same story arc. Just like in real life, Dr. Ray loves non-linearity. I'd like to hang out with him.

Moderator Keighley: How do the development realities affect that?

Dr. Ray: It's damn hard. Mass Effect is "Jack Bauer in Space". Jack Bauer MMO CONFIRMED(?). - Evolution of the RPG

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