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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The day I smiled inside

I just came back from talking with our recruiter. He's been talking with the head staff and the leads, and they've all come down to the conclusion that I should stay at Starbreeze. So my trial employment will end at the 15th of March (6 months trial) and go over into a full time employment, meaning that I will remain at my position as internal Quality Assurance.

Up until now, nothing have been for certain, and I've actually planned for the worst. Saving enough money to last several months for being in Uppsala without employment. Not because I think I've done a poor job, or had any lack in my dedication to it, but as the end of my trial draws closer, I couldn't help but feel anxious wether if I would stay or not.

My dream has always been to work as a game developer, so this is very important to me, and even if my opportunities to continue working in the game industry has been looking real good even if I wouldn't continue having this job, not knowing for sure have been really anxious. It's been like watching the lottery in ultra slow motion, and every month it shows up two numbers that match my lottery ticket, and this month the last two digits fell into place.

I won... I thought I would be jumping around in joy, but I'm quite taken back by the shock even if it isn't too unexpected. Guess I need some time to let it sink in. I'm a game developer...

Have you ever been Starbreezed?
What were you thinking?
The week after, and cold coffee in the cup


Snobaste said...

Wow! Gratz man! I hope I will be that successful later in life :)

nim said...

GRATTIS! :D rock on dude!

Anonymous said...

Grattis... igen =)


Jonas said...

Way to go man! I know they have made a great decision letting you stay stay there.