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Monday, March 19, 2007

Playing music in Lord of the Rings Online

"Well, it seems that Turbine has created a player generated music system for LoTRO: Shadows of Angmar. Players may buy instruments – such as flutes, lutes and drums, and play together to create music. All I could think of was… What an amazing concept!"
I haven't even bothered about Lord of the Rings online before, but hearing about this feature in the game where you can enter music mode and play a variety of musical instruments, made me really interested. You can play 24 different notes by using the 1-8 numerical keys on your keyboard, and holding down either Ctrl or Shift.

LotRO-Wiki - Music

1 comment:

Andrei said...

cool cool, fast spelet verkar lite väl småtråkigt för min smak.