Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Game Violence in Swedish TV

The swedish channel TV4 has made a interview with Anders Eriksson from Safe Game and a reportage about game violence. Safe Game was founded after some high school students vandalised for 1 million SEK, and parents started looking on the internet and read about Columbine, where several people lost their lives, and the massacre "had connection" with "the doom", a computer game.

The reportage continues with interviewing two high school kids who says that they usually plays "warcraft" and "doom" and once they played it for two days and then thougth they've seen much blood, and that it was horrible when they decapitated someone. As far as I know, that isn't possible in any of the games in the Warcraft or Doom series.

Battlefield 2? Hard to distinguish...

Then they showed a scene from the beginning of F.E.A.R, with a huge blood pool, then claimed it was from Battlefield 2 and that it shouldn't be allowded to be sold in a store due to the gruesome graphics. It instantly triggers my vomit reflex whenever I hear this kind of crap, and Anders Eriksson idiocy is even worse than that of Jack Thompsons.

Claiming that all the violence in our society is because of games as Battlefield 2 is just retarded, and it's a common fact that gamers is usually less violent in their nature than a "normal" male football player.

TV4 nyhetsmorgon, om datorspelsvåld (swedish)
Bang, Bang, You're Dead
Bowling for Columbine

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