Sunday, May 06, 2007

Busy Saturday

So I get a nice wake up call at around eleven today. Something about eating breakfast together at town. Talking or even getting up before the afternoon on a weekend, isn't two of my most well developed skills, but I'm manageable.

We walk around town for quite a while, trying to find a café that serve something else than ordinary bagel with cheese for overprice. Although still overpriced, we found something that matched our criterias somewhat at one of the malls.

He took one of those shrimp sandwiches, and I decided upon an with chicken mix. Since hes never tried lemon pie, I decided we should have one of those aswell, and along with that I took a small cup of cappuccino and he got a latté. So that was our breakfast.

Then we went and bought God of War II. One of the games I got very reserved opinions about,
since I'm not a fan about neither button mashing nor the 'press the button appearing on the screen' kiddy-style gameplay. But yeah, I could give the game a chance, and if nothing else, it's nice to look at.

For lunch, we were invited for a vegeterian dinner home at another co-worker, which was really nice. Potato gratin, and pasta gratin. Good stuff. After that we all were invited to a birthday party at another co-worker, where I mixed White Russians for the first time.

It consists of milk, kahlua and vodka. It's supposed to be equal amounts of vodka as kahlua, so I filled half the glass with milk, and 1/4 kahlua, and another 1/4 of vodka. Seems like it was a bit much since all it ever tasted was kahlua (coffee / cacao). But after my first failed measuring, I settled for a 3/4 of milk, with 1/8 of kahlua and vodka each, which proved itself to be just perfect.

So after spending some quality time with everyone there, we were supposed to get home. But instead of taking the bus, me and the guy whom I shared breakfast, decided to walk all the way home, which is roughly a swedish mile (10 kilometers). It only took one and a half hour to walk from Sävjaskolan, to the office in Uppsala centrum, and from there it took me a additional 20 minutes to get home.

It was fun, and rather pointless, but I think I might do it again. If nothing else, it's good exercise.

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Snobaste said...

Haha nice! Kind of echoes my Saturday, which, for once, was actually a busy one… probably walked ~5 miles :P