Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pictures from Birdie and Teewars development

Teewars devteam meeting

Slagsmålsklubben playing live

Another Teewars devteam meeting

Barbecue done the Birdie way

Teewars devteam eating

Map concept, and my remake of it

Since it was too big, I made several smaller versions of it

And this last picture is the final version of the map that made it into the Teewars demo. It's a touched up version of the tiny map (1/3 the size of the big map), and since we thought we were only going to show 3 players playing at once, we settled for this one.

But, as soon as we started showing Teewars on the big screen, the server maxed out with 8 players, which this level was much too small for. Perhaps the big version wouldn't have been soo bad after all. You can download and try it out for yourself from the Teewars link below.

Now playing at Birdie big screen
Birdie Art
Birdie Art 2

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