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Thursday, May 03, 2007

More on the terrorist modder

The student, whose name has not been released, was not arrested or charged by FBISD police, however, he was removed from Clements and transferred to M.R. Wood Alternative Education Center several days ago. Officials said he also complied with a police order to delete the game and game maps from his computer.

FBISD officials said Tuesday school administrators weighed the violent nature of the computer game – a modified version of Counterstrike – along with the discovery of swords in the boy’s room, and other undisclosed information, and decided to classify the matter as a “Level 3” situation.

The district’s student handbook defines “Level 3” as an incident in which a student “engages in conduct relating to a false alarm or report (including a bomb threat) or a terroristic threat involving a public school.” A Level 3 incident, according to district policy, results in mandatory transfer to M.R. Wood.

Two sources close to the case said it’s questionable whether the swords were usable as weapons, indicating they may have been decorative.


“When you have the floor plan of a high school that houses over 2,000 students in a game about killing people, you have to have consequences,” FBISD spokeswoman Mary Ann Simpson said.


Officials also weighed whether there might be a connection between the swords found in the boy’s room, and “weapons depicted in the game itself,” Simpson said. “You see these big, dark hands with knives in them” in the boy’s modified Counterstrike version.
-Bob Dunn, FortBendNow, May 1st 2007
Note, the game might not been modified at all, other than the additional map, so they might be refeering to the original Counter-Strike knife. Even so, if it was modified with black ninja hands with deadly katanas, I can't see any relation other that the guy like swords?

Heck, I like swords and I play Counter-Strike, and we've even been discussing making a game map out of our University. I guess I'm a terrorist to then. To avoid being completly biased, I think I should mentioned that they found "other mitigating circumstances" that "doesn’t look too good".

But still, making an house search and expelling someone because of a map they created is complete and utter madness, and even if it turns out he was going to be a suicide bomber at Super Bowl, that was completly unjustified and nothing will ever justify it.

Marked as terrorist, for creating school map
Confiscated Swords Led To Student's Removal

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Jcelios said...

I have a friend whos deep into the whole half-life mod shooters, TFC, CS etc. I know 3 other mappers who created maps of their schools, as well as their houses, a mall and many other places they live near. Schools and other places they regularly visit seem to be a regular influence on mappers. People have to realize map creation is about architecture and design rather then killing. But sense when did logic have anything to do with this situation? *sigh*