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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

RIAA wants royalties from free internet radio

"With the furor over the impending rate hike for Internet radio stations, wouldn't a good solution be for streaming internet stations to simply not play RIAA-affiliated labels' music and focus on independent artists?

Sounds good, except that the RIAA's affiliate organization SoundExchange claims it has the right to collect royalties for any artist, no matter if they have signed with an RIAA label or not.

'SoundExchange (the RIAA) considers any digital performance of a song as falling under their compulsory license.

If any artist records a song, SoundExchange has the right to collect royalties for its performance on Internet radio.

Artists can offer to download their music for free, but they cannot offer their songs to Internet radio for free ... So how it works is that SoundExchange collects money through compulsory royalties from Webcasters and holds onto the money.

If a label or artist wants their share of the money, they must become a member of SoundExchange and pay a fee to collect their royalties.'"
RIAA Claims Ownership of All Artist Royalties For Internet Radio
Is the RIAA Pulling a Scam on the Music Industry?

1 comment:

Snobaste said...

And yet another reason why the RIAA SUCKS!

Really, does that even make sense?