Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Memo to self: Keep track of your schedule

June 2nd: (15:00-19:00) Swedish Game Awards 2007 - Grand Finale
June 2nd: (19:30) PLAY! A Video Game Symphony
June 3rd: (20:05) Gotland trip, friends and family visit
June 4th-6th: Gotlands Game Convention 2007
June 10th: (16:00) Return back to Uppsala from Gotland
June 12th: (18:00) The Darkness release party in Stockholm
June 15th: (15:20) Picking someone up at Arlanda
June 29th: The Darkness release in Europe
July 15th: Moving into the new place where I'll live for a year
July ??: Worms Open Warfare 2 DS release
August 23th-26th: Leipzig Games Convention
August 24th: Bioshock release in Europe
September 2nd: Birthday!
September ??: Mass Effect release
September 26th: Halo 3 release in Europe
September 29th: Assassins Creed release in Europe
October 10th: Alan Wake release in Europe
February 18th-22th, 2008: Game Developers Conference 2008

Leipzig Games Convention
Swedish Game Awards 2007 - Grand Finale
PLAY! A Video Game Symphony 2007
So long, and thanks says the fish
GDC'07 - San Francisco for a week (I couldn't go that time *sadface*)

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Snobaste said...

Damn nice! I wish I could afford to go to at least a few of those :/