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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Now playing at Birdie big screen

I'm currently working away in the level editor, making awsome things, when suddenly I hear a very recognizable song resonating throughout the entire LAN. It was the theme for the Two Towers trailer, which is coincidently the same song I use in the intro of my Nogg-aholic the Movie. Aww neat, it actually IS Nogg-aholic the movie!

Nogg-aholic the Movie


V0id said...

still one of the best exploration movies :>
2bad that much things have been "fixed" and don't work anymore :/

Snobaste said...

Damn nice! Thats gotta feel really awesome lol... just watched Nogg Tuesday for inspiration for my next movie (which is gonna be big :P)

Dopefish said...

Yeah, that felt pretty neat ;)
Looking forward to your next one Snob :)