Saturday, May 26, 2007

Re-Analyzing Nogg-aholic

This is pure gold my friends... PURE GOLD! :D

Nogg-aholic the Movie
Now playing at Birdie big screen


Snobaste said...

You're a GM?!

You MC'ed yourself to Illidan, who was a major player in WC3, and this kid thinks you're a GM! LOL

And Archimonde is a Draenei! Wow, that I did not know!

And it's not hard to DL the Google Video source .avi kid... anyway, I have like 15 backups of my copy of Nogg-aholic ;)

... you MC'ed yourself into a Crow model, and he says Druid Flight Form!!!!

WEll, that kid's got it right on that Nogg is freaking awesome. And I like conspiracy theories, so I think you're a GM too! ;)


Thundara said...

Ah... the video got removed :(
I guess I'll never see it.