Monday, May 21, 2007

Unreal Engine 3 vs CryEngine 2

Note, this is only a comparision by freeze frame screenshots and doesn't come close to compare all the engine features, nor how everything actually blends in together ingame, with all animations and particles.



Anonymous said...

I love the cryengine2 - just saw a trailer about it. And its just WOW, when I see "time of day lightning", "dynamic soft shadows", "lightbeams", "parallax occlusion mapping", "3D ocean technology", "parametric skeletal anomation system", "breakable vegetation system"(my favorite), "component vehicle damage" or the "next-gen phyciscs system" its just amazing what crytek did! I just can say I looking forward and I defenitly need a new pc for that game =D

the trailer about the cryengine is from the 20th april or something like that, If you want a link to it, then I maybe can get one for u.

Dopefish said...

Thanks, but I saw it during GDC'07, but from handycam quality back then, and it got later released in HD at :)