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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My first minutes with the Tabula Rasa Beta

This clip is quite boring for most of you, but I'm quite sure it will make a few peeps smile in the same way as I did. The reason? I can't help but wondering what lies beyond the scenery :)

EDIT: After walking around the entire edge of the world, I realized that you could simply press M to bring up a map, and it showed me that the first place you visit is just an island.

So I played along, and did the first few missions until I could get transported out of there, and it seems like the new place is also just an island. Where are the big worlds?


Snobaste said...

1) Looks like Guild Wars (been bored recently and have been playing again :P)
2) But GW didn't have physics.
3) Yeah, I just about unthinkingly explore any game I play now, except you probably do it moreso! :D

Dopefish said...

Well, my work involves trying to find bugs, so it's pretty hard playing a game without trying atleast a little something :)

Hergonan said...

And the game doesn't look that bad either.