Wednesday, January 18, 2006

At the break of dawn, I'll be there

Patrik, reading World of Warcraft - The Sunwell Trilogy Volume 1

The LAN dude, thinking about the existance and the meaning of life

Todays breakfast consisted of, isterband and broccoli

I don't know really if I like the Wrath Lands tutorial anymore, he doesn't seem to be going anywhere, is programming inefficiently and making many obvious errors. Although I do respect him for taking his time and making a tutorial of him programming a RPG from scratch, kudos for that. So instead, I've started to watch the 3D Buzz C++ video tutorials, with the same guys who constantly says "It's actually realtime...", "Whoa, amazing!" in the Motion Builder video tutorials. ;)

Also, I spent the earlier part of the morning watching a 9/11 documentary (like you've never seen anyone of those before...). Later today I'll visit CSN and leave a study assurance, assure them about me studying at the school so I can continue and recieve money from them. Aight, I'll go back to watching my video tutorials now, good day folks!

Loose Change
3D Buzz - C++ Video Tutorials
Blizzard Entertainment - Online Store

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