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Monday, January 02, 2006

Farewell Wallwalking Event #3 (last)

This was the day were the gnomes roamed the world

Our first encounter with a GM, who were too confused to say anything, so he vanished

Second Game Master were more talkactive, so we sat down and listened

And we ignored and kept on wallwalking

Game Master Oddkan mass PM'd us asking us to stop... we kept on walking

Oh no, a nasty Murloc

In ratchet we encountered a pvp flaged Shaman, with a skull for a level... of course we had to raid him, and we came out on top

Some wallwalkers who've never heard of gravity

And what would a wallwalk event be without suspension?

Character name involved: Zorepod
Date of violation: 02/01/2006
Type of violation: Exploitation:
Details of incident: Extreme Exploitation of terrain and disruption of roleplay
Consequences for account: Warning placed on account and account suspended for 3 hours.

Screenshots (29 Mb)

1 comment:

Calle C said...

thumbs up for extreme exploitation!

happy newyears, see you on the island this weekend :3