Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TrackMania Nations ESWC, freeware

Tomorrow, a special edition of TrackMania for ESWC will be released, for free on the internet, and as some of you may already now, in my humble opinion, free stuff is good stuff. The winner at ESWC will get $13,000 in prize money, which isn't bad at all, considering it's prize money for a freeware game... well it isn't bad even if it were a standard game, but it can't compare with the likes like Counter-Strike. The only bad thing I can see, judging from the trailer, is that it seem to be no collision detection between the cars, so it will be almost like playing solo, even if there's other cars around.

TrackMania Nations ESWC - First Impressions
TrackMania Nations ESWC - Trailer (70mb zip)

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