Monday, January 16, 2006

Real Life TM

I've been up since 00:00 this morning today and have been working some on the Wrath Lands tutorial (haven't progressed fast enough imho, still at Part 3). Think I should take care of the laundry later. After William has finished his food, we're going to the school and register us for this term, and hope to get some money at the end of the month. I'll buy a new computer if I get the usual contribution from CSN.

Also, I've ordered our next course litterature, OpenGL Game Programming, and it should arrive here next week. Todays lunch was brocolli and wiener schnitzel. Varying the food gets harder each day, but I'm getting better and better at cooking, feels like it was ages ago since I triggered the fire alarm while making chicken. Do you got any good recipes I shall try out, please suggest them in the comments :)

William showed me a few trailers about Project Offset, a next gen game (consolero), and the engine is looking really awsome. I'll make a post about that one later, also I've been reading up on MMORPG death penality, player rewarding and griefing, maybe I'll make an article about someday soon (or not depending on how lazy I am, I've still to make reviews of the games in my top ten list...).

Update: Project Offset is mainly going to be released for PC, and it will only maybe be released to the next gen consoles.

OpenGL Game Programming

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