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Monday, January 23, 2006

Unigine Engine

PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer) lighting

PRT lighting, HDR (High Dynamic Range) glow

PRT lighting, reflection

Volumetric directional light, particles system refraction, flare

Unigine sounds like a good and cheap OpenGL and C++ based engine, with pricing $95 for non-commercial use, $1985 royalty free for a release of one product and $4985 for the full source of Unigine, royalty free for one product. They also got a special offer for indie developers which is as following;
  1. We provide a Unigine v0.33 license and technical support to your team at very low price ($495)
  2. You make a Unigine-based demo of your project and obtain funding from a publisher or whoever else
  3. You pay the rest of special license cost ($1490) only after getting funding
And also, each one of these offers gives you a 50% discount for next Unigine release (v0.4). The engine includes, graphic rendering, physics, sounds, a scripting language and tools like 3DS Max scripts, and much much more.

Unigine v0.33 Site Tech Demo
  • PRT (Precomputed radiance transfer) lighting
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering
  • Procedural sky with light scattering
  • Postprocessing: motion blur
  • Reflection
Unigine Features
Unigine v0.33 Site Tech Demo

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