Friday, January 13, 2006

Drowning in a Chicken Soup

ZzzZzzz.... I hear a mobile phone ringing in the distance.... ehh, huh, hello? Like a tired beast I awoke from my dwelling sleep, the caller spoke something about go swimming. I tiredely look at my clock and see it's 17:30 in the afternoon, so I agree to their proposition.

After putting on some cloths and started making a couple of sandwiches I get yet another call, and they tell me they couldn't wait any longer and have started walking... 'hmphh' I think, it's only gone 10 minutes since they last called, so I hurry it up with my breakfast and then jogs the way to the swimming hall.

Ok, now I relize my gamer lifestyle seems to have taken effect upon my unexcercised body. I hadn't swim for two years and after just ten minutes in the pool I felt like a drowning victim. May it have been that I tried to keep up with speed, or is it that I actually need to excercise more?

Well let's drop the subject for now, you don't atually need to have the most well trained body to frag or for programming. Afterwards we went to the store and bought chicken soup that we prepared at my home and shared some baguettes. For some reason I were the one who had to take care of the dishes... oh well...

Other news in general is that I've started following the Wrath Lands video tutorial and so far it haven't been anything special although it's REALLY REALLY good to have tutorials in this way. If you want someone to repeat something or need to check up on something you just rewind the video, and there's no problem with how to use the program when the guy in the video shows exactly what he is doing. I've finished the introduction and part 1, also I'm about to start part 2 right now, I just wanted to update everyone on my drowning experience...

Update: I forgot to mention that the soup tasted good and was very effective against our hunger.

Wrath Lands Video Tutorial

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