Sunday, January 15, 2006

Optimus Prime Time

There's been circulating rumors on the internet that the OLED based keyboard Optimus is going to be released on the 1st of February. On Art. Lebedev Studios website, you can see this picture below:

Small packages? What could that mean? Surely that doesn't sound like they are refeering to a keyboard. Engadget suggests that it's going to be Optimus Mini Three that will be released at that date, using the same technique as the keyboard but with only three buttons and in mini format. That sounds reasonable, and in that way they could also try out the software, compatibility and other similiar market research. We'll know for sure February the 1st.

Optimus Keyboard
Art. Lebedev Studio
Optimus Mini Three

1 comment:

DeonCadme said...

Future of all keyboards... why will these kind of keyboards become the new future standard?
The reason is simple, howe many have in the past been sitting at a keyboard to notice that it did not have the same key configuration?

Not to mention many other future possibilities with these kind of systems... dream and you shall see the future ;)