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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sonic X-Treme

A long lost and rumored Sonic game for the Saturn was recently revealed its existance by Chris Senn, art director, team coordinator, and eventually co-designer of the game. Sonic X-Treme was the first game/prototype of Sonic in 3D. I've tried to gather the best links about it and the few movies that were showing the game.

3mb Sonic Demo 1
4mb Sonic Demo 2
835K Tiara Demo
830K Knuckles Test
394K Isometric Test

Sonic X-Treme E3 1996 Trailer
Sonic X-Treme Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Chris 'Kurisu' Senn, Forums
Sonic X-Treme 718 Prototype
Secrets of the Sonic Team: Sonic X-Treme
Lost Levels: Sonic X-Treme
Lost Levels: Sonic X-Treme Timeline

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