Sunday, January 01, 2006

Xbox 360 Costs $715 to Make!

Microsoft, the PC worlds’ most influencing company, would like you to believe they’re only losing $126 per Xbox 360 they’re selling, every tech site went ahead and reported the numbers, believing Ol’Mighty Microsoft.

A high ranking friend at IBM, one that worked on the Xbox 360 chip design, tipped us regarding the real expenses involved in manufacturing the Xbox 360, and when we mentioned the $126 Microsoft loss, he said:

“$126? It costs Microsoft approximately $715 to make, the manufacturing costs are still too high, another reason why they’re producing relatively small quantities, Microsoft can take it though”

That’s almost a $300 per Xbox 360 loss! Microsoft or not, these guys sure are taking one for the (Entertainment) team!

Microsoft sure are trying to take on Sony, $300 per unit loss? That's quite a bit of money... everyone selling them Xbox's on Ebay should be giggling now.
-28 December 2005, 04:24 by Ala Shiban

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