Monday, January 16, 2006

Project Offset (working title)

Project Offset is a fantasy first person shooter game that was being developed by a three man team (they are now five and expanding). The engine itself is programmed from scratch and can be compared with Unreal Engine 3. That's quite impressive for such a small team with only one programmer, although we'll probably have to wait 2-3 years until this baby hits the market.

"The Multiplayer Competition aspect of Project Offset is designed to be fast paced and teamwork dependent. 2 teams are placed in a battle with a set of objectives. The first team to complete their objectives wins the battle. During the course of a battle, a player can choose from five or more character classes. Players will earn experience while playing that they can use to customize and improve their characters, as well as improve their individual rankings.

The number of players per game is expected to range from 8 to 64+, split evenly between the two teams."
-Project Offset, website

  • Destructible environments
  • Dynamically simulated deaths (ragdoll physics)
  • Dynamic damage
    • Arrows sticking / bouncing off objects and players
    • Dynamic character reaction ("knockback") animations
  • Falling blocks and debris
Crowd Test (wmv)
Sneak Peek 1 (filefront)
Sneak Peek 2 (wmv)
G4TV Tech Demo
Hi-Res Poster
Dwarf in Offset Editor
Project Offset

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