Friday, January 27, 2006

It's tough, studying game development

Yesterday, we had our first real lesson in 'human and machine interaction'. Everyone had to wear a Polar s810 heart rate monitor (looks like a clock) and strap on a Polar WearLink right beneath their chest. There were lots of bellys around the classroom that day.

After that, we booted up Quake 3 on the projector and a couple of test subjects had to play some in front of the live audience (the class) while getting their heart rate measured. I relized how much I sucked today, my glorious days of FPS'ing was a long time ago... either that or the settings was crap... invert mouse and mouse acceleration... bah...

On monday we're travelling to a about to be closed down military facility, to shoot some with live firearms and measure our heart rates again. We're lab rats in the on-going debate about how gaming is affecting us, but I don't mind, it's all fun and games for us :)

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