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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Programming a RPG in C++ video tutorial

Greetings! I thought I'd just share some videos I created for beginning programmers. The game is called Wrath Lands and is a text based RPG with items, weapons/armor, enemies, and spells. The video tutorial series isn't completed as I've gotten tied up in other projects but most of the code is there and I encourage you to watch a few to see if it interests you.

The videos assume you have a basic understanding of C++ and want to work in an object oriented way (when needed). So turn up the volume and enjoy!

Video Tutorials

I started this project with a very simple design document and worked on the code as I moved along. All code was created on the fly during recording so some things could probably be written better. As a result, the first few videos I stumble over the code as I'm thinking of a million different things at once on how to setup the framework and progress at the same time. I was going to wait until the series is complete to post the code but if anyone cares to ask I'll gladly link it.

  • The videos are aimed at beginners.
  • The videos were created with almost no planning and created as I went.
  • The video series is NOT complete. (does care about truth?)
  • The videos are not the perfect example of engineering a game. (see 1rst and 2nd reason)
My intentions...
  • To teach others how to write a simple working text based RPG using C++.
  • To inspire others to create their own video tutorials.
  • To motivate people to write their own text RPG adventures.
  • To get more people into game programming.
-Rasm, forums

Introduction - View Introduction. (676kb)
Part 1 - Setting up project and library. (6543kb)
Part 2 - Creating the player class and basic town. (4327kb)
Part 3 - Defining the player and creating the Inn. (8275kb)
Part 4 - Create Weapon, Monster, and Entity classes and start of battle function. (19408kb)
Part 5 - Finish battle function. Test with multiple and single enemies. (8921kb)
Part 6 - Finished summon portal. Random monsters generate based on level. (6080kb)
Part 7* - Weapons,Armor, and potions can be purchased. (8116kb)
Part 8 - Potions can be used, potion inventory autosorted. Spell class created. (13836kb)
Part 9 - Added spell list and target to battle. Stumbled over setting up spell casting. (8983kb)
Part 10 - Fireball, heal, and poison work. Spells list in stats. (10372kb)
Part 11 - Fixed various bugs. Seeded rand, spells can be purchased. (8502kb)

* = WME dropped 11000 frames mysteriously so video is missing parts. About an hours worth >=(

Wrath Lands.doc
Wrath Lands

MSN: "Rasm"

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